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Posted by isrolikk on 16 ביוני 2020

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Doesn't Kanye look like the president from that movie? That is as a result of Mike Judge is a prophet. He predicted the fall of Silicon Valley and he predicted that at some point Americans can be intellectually oppressed by the media. In this film the president is not the villain, he is an inspiring albeit naive determine eager to learn and do higher.

Biden had been working for president for 30 years and by no means got that a lot support. Kanye additionally needs to reform this method, and the system by which people register to vote. Kanye is among the few individuals that's caring and yet realizes the failings of the welfare system.

And that's exactly the assistance we'd like. He understands completely properly all the issues that America is struggling with. That which he does not understand, he is eager to learn. Kanye understands energy, he understands oppression, he understands race and love and hate and sex and debt and language and religion and cash and melancholy and creativity.

In Idiocracy the villain isn't the black president, it is the media. It is the media and advertisers which have lied to individuals and made them stupid. And all it takes is a single soul that speaks the reality to turn into the president's friend and his trainer and he finally ends up doing what is right for the nation. But extra importantly, he realizes that everybody is a genius.

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Most people in government already help this but no person wants to truly make it happen. I hope he also believes in the legalization of psychedelics. I think that may be a crucial problem. I can not imagine the other candidates supporting that.

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That is the only method to defeat the evil octopus attacking us. Kanye said "being wealthy doesn't make you fly". Many people assume as a result of Donald Trump appears to have cash he's intelligent and a fantastic chief. Kanye is the right antidote to the poison of Trump, and all of the sick politics. If America have been in a crisis of energy, we'd want an expert in vitality to guide the nation.

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Kanye does not want the police to brutalize anyone. But he also doesn't need people to behave brutally in direction of the police. Kanye is the only candidate speaking about debt.

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He will bring out one of the best in folks. The different candidates just need to control folks. Nobody in the world understands media and tradition higher than Kanye West.

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Millions are facing eviction and foreclosure and crushing debt. We have to help people get out of debt.

Please, Kanye, rescue us from oppression, save us from the evil octopus of the New York Times and Trump, Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, the serpentine robots that feed it. Teach us to seek out the genius inside. Help us develop i am naughty reveiws extra and better meals and find better methods to supply and distribute power. Work with Elon to take us to Mars.

It is not at all impossible for Kanye to win. He is on the ballot in many states, and nearly every state has a “write in” choice, which I plan to use in California. It looks like lots of “polls” are run by media firms, which in fact assure folks he has no chance. I could find only one impartial online ballot that included Kanye’s name and he received 8% of the vote. In July, right after asserting he was running.

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Reforming this system would have enormous optimistic effects on both authorities and the people who right now rely on welfare. Kanye needs to reform the legal system that has treated many people and groups unfairly. I cannot consider he is the one individual speaking significantly about prison reform. That is an important realm of policy badly in want of attention. Kanye helps the legalization of marijuana.

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